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Lovely Lady Offers Organic and Gluten Free Skin and Hair Care Products

About nine months ago, I first had the opportunity to try many of Lovely Lady Products line of gluten free skin and hair care products. I'll admit I have a weak spot for high-quality, natural skin care products, so I was hooked. These plant-based products smell heavenly, and I was impressed with the results I noticed in my skin's appearance and texture. Now Lovely Lady is offering a 10% savings on all their products to friends of GlutenFreeTravelSite and the Gluten Free Travel Blog, so you can try some of these incredible products for yourself (more on that in a minute...). 

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What makes Lovely Lady so unique and effective? 

It starts with what they DON'T use in their products...

The company was founded by Cheryl Caspi, a former model diagnosed with Celiac Disease. So naturally, the products don't contain any gluten. Cheryl believes that the purity of what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies, so all ingredients are organic. None of the formulations  contain any GMOs, dyes, synthetic perfumes or fragrances, colors, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, artificial preservatives, propylene glycol, or sodium laureth sulfate.  

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Another thing you won't find in Lovely Lady products is water. Why is water bad, you ask? Well, first off, when water is included in skin care and cosmetics, a preservative is typically needed. Secondly, water dilutes otherwise effective ingredients. So if you can avoid using water, you don't need the chemical preservatives, and what you also end up getting is a more concentrated product that delivers more noticeable results.

Now here's what they DO use in their products...

Lovely Lady's uniquely handcrafted products contain natural, plant-based ingredients like argan oil and helichrysum, ingredients getting a lot of recent attention due to their ability to address aging and dry, problem, and sensitive skin (and who doesn't have at least one of those concerns?!). 

Lovely Lady serums

The natural oils make these products smell heavenly. There is a full line of facial care products including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and facial serums. I loved both the facial toner and Immortelle facial nutrient. And these products last a long time, because a little bit goes a long way. For example, just a small amount of the facial nutrient rubbed together in your hands and then patted on the skin is all you need to start experiencing its benefits. 

There are also various body butters (which I've heard are wonderful), as well as a solid lotion moisturizer (in the form of a stick, like deoderant). I did try this product and found it to be great for travel or a gym bag (no spills!). The hair care line includes another unique product -- a solid shampoo conditioning bar (looks like a bar of soap). 

Lovely Lady unique products

Cheryl, the founder of Lovely Lady, is so passionate about her line of products -- and so focused on offering only the very highest quality ingredients. The line can be found at Whole Foods and other select stores.

If you're interested in ordering any of the products online, Cheryl is offering friends of this Blog a generous 10% discount if you use the Coupon Code found toward the bottom of this page of their site (and you can even view a short informative video by Celiac specialist Dr. Vikki Petersen, in which she discusses some of the reasons to buy gluten free bath and beauty products.) These products make a great gift, too, for anyone who appreciates natural-based skin and hair care products -- whether they happen to be gluten free or not. 

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To learn more about the products and view the complete product line, browse Lovely Lady's's as beautiful and clean as their products. If you've already had the opportunity to try one of Lovely Lady's products, share your thoughts by leaving a Comment below.