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About Gluten, Celiac Disease, and Gluten Sensitivity

Celiac-awareness-ribbonAs you know, we have a lot of helpful content available on GlutenFreeTravelSite, our website geared to helping people with Celiac and gluten sensitivity dine out and travel with ease. In addition to the huge database containing thousands of user-submitted dining and travel reviews from around the world, we have many other helpful resources including a Trip Planning page, a Cruise page, a listing of Camps for gluten free kids, College Reviews, Gluten Free Getaways, and a section featuring Chain Restaurants with gluten free menus. 

Just last week, we added a 12 new "chapters" of information on gluten, Celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity to our site. These easy-to-access pages of our site cover the necessary facts both new and veteran gluten free folks need to know.

For people new to the gluten free diet, we provide  them with the straight talk they're looking for -- and information and resources that will help them adopt a gluten free lifestyle.

But it can help those of you who've been following a gluten free diet for years, too. For example, do you have friends or family members that need to understand your diet better? Send them a link to this page for answers to the questions they may have. And if you have a friend that suspects gluten may be adversely affecting their health, by all means, pass along this information to them. It could provide the spark that leads them to get tested. 

We've tried to make the explanations about Celiac, gluten sensitivity, and a gluten free diet easy to understand, and we aim to clear up some myths and misinformation that get spread by people that are uninformed -- especially in these days of the gluten free diet often being labeled a "fad." 

Here's what you can expect to find in this new section of GlutenFreeTravelSite

  • Gluten -- Now adversely affecting at least 8% of the population...what exactly is it, and why are so many people trying to avoid it?
  • Common Symptoms -- These may indicate Celiac...and you'll want to get to the root cause of your suffering
  • Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Sensitivity -- What's happening to the body in each scenario
  • Finding a Doctor and Asking for the Right Tests -- This is essential if you suspect Celiac or gluten sensitivity
  • What Exactly is Gluten Sensitivity -- Is it a "real" diagnosis? 
  • Adopting a Gluten Free Diet -- What you can and can't eat 
  • Grocery Shopping and Eating at Home -- We'll give you some tools to set your mind at ease
  • Dining Out and Traveling Gluten Free -- Yes, it can be done, and we are the place to go for tons of resources on this subject!
  • Avoiding Gluten in Communion, Prescriptions, and Vitamins -- These can all contain gluten, so you need to know what to look for (and where to go for information and gluten free versions)
  • Kids and Celiac Disease -- We offer suggestions for school lunches, birthday parties, camp, and college
  • Treatment and Cures -- Is there hope for a "cure" for Celiac? Read about current research...
  • "Best Of" Gluten Free Products -- A list of some of our favorite gluten free staples to help you avoid time-consuming and expensive trial-and-error. 

So please take a look and help us spread this information to those who can benefit from it! We look forward to your feedback. It's a priviledge being able to help you on your gluten free journey toward optimal health.