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Pie Five Pizza Co. Offers Quick, Customized Gluten Free Pizza

Are you familiar with the hot -- literally hot -- new trend in pizza...custom-created, oven-fired pizza that cooks in just minutes? Well now there's a chain that offers this option to its gluten free guests, too.  

Yep. Pie Five Pizza Co, with locations in 7 states, lets you choose your crust (gluten free), your sauce, your toppings...and voila...you have your own mouthwatering pizza!

Pie Five logo

If you don't live in one of the 7 states where Pie Five Pizza is currently located (Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia), you may still be in luck. They have locations in Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma "coming soon." 

Best of all, Pie Five Pizza's gluten free crust is made from ancient grains including teff, amaranth, and sorghum flours so the pizza isn't just gluten free...it's nutritionally superior, with more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than most other gluten free pizzas. 

Pie Five pizza photoAlmost all their toppings for the pizzas are gluten free, with the exception of meatballs and Alfredo sauce, and salads can be made in to-go bowls, as opposed to their usual bread bowls (all salad makings are gluten free, too, except the Caesar dressing). 

Although their restaurants are not dediated gluten free establishments, they do take many precautions when preparing and cooking the gluten free pizzas for their guests. They store the gluten free pizza crusts separately and use dedicated pizza pans, cutting boards, and ladles. In fact, they have a whole protocol for gluten free pizzas, which we detail on their page on our website, where we also showcase testimonials from their happy, gluten free customers. 

Have you eaten at one of Pie Five Pizza's locatons? If so, share your experience in a quick review on our website, or post a comment below.