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Travel Gluten Free To CHINA, With All the Details Planned For You.

China. It has become a popular tourist destination in the past decade, but for those of us following gluten free diets, the thought of traveling to China can be overwhelming. The locals' knowledge of the meaning of "gluten free" and how to prepare safe gluten free meals is almost non-existant, so typical group tours leave you with few, if any, dining options. Planning a trip to China on your own is no better, unless you have inside knowledge of the few hotels and venues that do understand what's entailed in serving safe gluten free meals. But now I have great news...

Ancient City Wall Xian

If China is on your "Bucket List," there is a travel agent who does have inside knowledge. She is gluten free herself and has worked closely with a high-end China-based tour company to find safe hotels that welcome gluten free travelers. 

Forbidden city China

Ellen Morse, of Gluten Free-Us Travel, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease decades ago and specializes in serving other gluten free travelers. She works with reputable local companies in destinations around the world to plan amazing itineraries. Her trips, including this one to China, are NOT group tours...they are suggested itineraries which incorporate hotels that understand the gluten free diet. Ellen's itineraries cover the popular tourist sites -- and often other "hidden gems" --  in each destination. So like other tours, you will see all the highlights...but unlike other tours, you won't have to worry about whether the food is safe for you to eat

Pudong Skyline

You can schedule this trip to China any time you like, since it's not a pre-scheduled group tour. Plus, Ellen is happy to make arrangements for groups of any size, whether it's just you and your spouse traveling -- or a large group of extended family or friends. Her itineraries are just "suggested," but you can customize the sites you see at each destination, according to your preference. There is plenty of room to tailor any trip based on your interests, your budget, and the desired length of your stay.


The suggested itinerary for this particular two-week trip to CHINA is amazing. I'm hard-pressed to think of anything Ellen left out. You'll see the major cities, the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors, and even take a tour on the Yangtze River. This is the way China was meant to be seen, in all its beauty and glory...and without worrying about your meals. Most meals throughout the two-week trip, laid out on our Gluten Free Getaways page, are included. Sometimes dinner is not specifically included, but that is only to keep the price of the trip in check. In these cases when dinner is not included, you should not risk dining at local restaurants. You are advised to dine at the hotel where you're staying (where you've eaten lunch and dinner) since they have been screened and vetted. By not including some hotel dinners in the price of the travel package, it just gives people the freedom to order at their discretion and pay on their own.

Great Wall of China

If this is the type of trip you've always dreamed of, I encourage you to give Ellen a call. If you have another international destination in mind, let Ellen know. She has planned -- or can plan -- itineraries virtually anywhere. In the past, I've written about two different itineraries to SPAIN she planned, and right now, she also offers an amazing tour of CROATIA. She would be happy to send you the details if you are interested. 

Obviously, being Celiac herself, Ellen loves working with her gluten free clients and gives you the attention and care she'd show in planning a trip for herself or her own family. She can be reached at 312-337-9235 or The full suggested itinerary can be found on our website's Gluten Free Getaways page.