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Gluten Free Travel: Join Dr. Alessio Fasano for An All-Inclusive Gluten-Free Vacation

Unless you reside in sunny Florida or southern California, I'm guessing most of you reading this right now dream of a break from this unforgiving winter! How does a 5-night, all-inclusive vacation on Mexico's Riviera Maya sound? What if I told you that you'd also enjoy gourmet gluten free meals -- and have the opportunity to interact, learn from, and dine with Dr. Alsessio Fasano, one of the world's foremost experts on Celiac Disease? 

You'd want to jump on the next plane, right?! 

Well, even though you'll have to wait until October to actually take the trip, you can reserve one of the coveted spots now.

Take a look at the information below, and give Lesley a call for more details if you're interested. (As you probably recall from my mentioning her before, Lesley is a travel agent who specializes in gluten free travel opportunities. She has worked with Dr. Fasano to put together this amazing getaway at an amazing resort.)

The price can't be beat, and with each booking, a donation will be made to Dr. Fasano's Center for Celiac Research. So you'll be funding a great cause, getting some much-needed R&R, and learning the latest about living with Celiac from one of the best sources -- all at the same time. 

Space is very limited, so you'll want to reserve this once-in-a-lifetime trip early

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