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Endless Gluten Free Travel Possibilities, No Matter What You're In The Mood For

Almost every day, we hear about another great place for gluten-free travelers…and I get so excited to share these discoveries with you. That's our mission here at Gluten Free Travel Blog -- and also on our website GlutenFreeTravelSite…to help you take a true vacation from worry. We want to help you find places where you won't have to educate chefs or ask a zillion questions before each meal…places that give you confidence and let you forget about your dietary restrictions. 

That's why today, I'd like to recap some recent discoveries -- and also remind you of where to go to get more travel ideas on our website. 

  • Just a couple weeks ago, we announced a new itinerary for gluten free travel to Croatia, but are you aware of the other special itineraries for places outside the U.S. detailed on the Gluten Free Getaways page of our site? Keep in mind, these aren't "group" trips…you can follow the suggested itinerary developed by Celiac travel agent Ellen Morse OR customize it according to your own budget and interests -- AND pick your own dates of travel. 


  • Like cruising? If so, you're in luck…cruises are one of the most "gluten-free friendly" ways to travel these days. We outline the gluten free policies of the major cruise lines and present a sampling of reviews of each line submitted to our website on the Cruise page of GlutenFreeTravelSite.
  • Do you love the culture, dining, shopping, and diversions big cities have to offer? Search some of the ones on your Bucket List on the Search/Mapping page of our site. You'll get dining ideas and perhaps even ideas for places to stay.
  • Wondering what some of the best overall locations are for gluten free travelers? Check out past winners of our "World's Most Celiac-Friendly Destination" contest for ideas. (This past year, we didn't even choose a specific winner, since there are now so many great options.)

San Francisco

  • Looking for specific recommendations about resorts, hotels, or B&Bs? Find some great ones -- alongside top dining recommendations in our Featured Review section. This month we feature some places in Ireland. In the past several months we also showcased places in Rome, a resort in Florida, and hotels in NYC and Miami. Click on the orange "More Featured Reviews" button in the right-hand column of the Featured Review page, and you can scroll through the places we've chosen to highlight throughout each of the past years, beginning in 2008. 


  • Our Articles page is another great source for inspiration, with links to articles I've written for Simply Gluten Free magazine about all sorts of travel, including a visits southern California, a famous historical site, and a top ski resort
  • Have another destination in mind? Search more broadly by state, province, country, or region of the world. 


Please leave a comment if you ever have any questions about gluten free travel -- or if you'd like a recommendation. And if we can't help, we can refer to you to someone who can! We never want anyone gluten free to feel limited in their travel choices…there's a whole world out there waiting to be discovered! 

Great Wall of China