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I wanted to share this infographic from Goodness Direct, a website based in the U.K. It provides tips for dining gluten free in many countries. You'll learn key phrases that have been translated into the native language (print the infographic and cut out the phrases to keep in your wallet), top gluten free brands in each country, and the best markets for finding a wide assortment of gluten free foods. Embedded from GoodnessDirect Blog Read more →

My son is a huge fan of Chebe bread…the Brazilian cheese bread made with tapioca/cassava flour and that happens to be gluten-free (and a very popular menu item at the gluten-free camp my son attends each summer!). Recently, I had a chance to sample some similar products made by Bagelinos, a company based in New Jersey. Bagelinos has two products…a bagel and a bun. But they're not "ordinary" bagels and buns. Of course, they're gluten free. But they're different in another way, too…different from Chebe and other cheese breads. They're slightly sweet, which is why the "bagels" aren't actually called bagels, but "Breakfast Pastry Snacks." (However, for the purpose of this blog post, I'm going to refer to them as bagels!) I like to pop the bagels in the toaster or toaster oven, as I would any other type of gluten free bagel, but they can also be eaten right out of the bag. The bagels are good with some cream cheese, and I've used the buns for ham sandwiches (resulting in a nice balance of sweet and salty). They would also be good for pulled pork, turkey sandwiches, or even breakfast sandwiches with egg and sausage (using either the... Read more →

By now you know we like to make you aware of the very best gluten-free travel opportunities…and Ireland is one destination we're particularly excited about. Although the incidence of Celiac in Ireland is higher than elsewhere (close to 2% of the population) and awareness is good, care and caution are still needed when planning a trip and choosing places for the best gluten-free dining experiences. Now you can benefit from both Crafted Ireland Custom Tours' knowledge of the Emerald Isle AND the guidance of a gluten-free author and blogger. Together, they've planned a wonderful trip with gluten-free fine-dining experiences throughout Ireland. This 7-day/6-night trip will take place from October 11-17, 2015, and you'll enjoy luxury 5-star accommodations. This unforgettable journey will take you from Dublin to Killarney. You'll visit the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher (pictured), and The Burren…as well as castles and gardens. You'll even participate in an elite cooking class and gourmet dinner at the Ballymaloe Cookery School and attend a whiskey master class at the Jameson Distillery (where all whiskeys are gluten free). For more information, take a look at our Gluten Free Getaways page (scroll down to Gluten Free Getaway #2) or visit the... Read more →