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Visit Gluten-Free Friendly Charleston -- and Attend Their Annual Italian Film Festival!

Travel & Leisure magazine has just named Charleston the #1 travel city in the world! Have you been there? If not, now is a great time to visit, while also layering in a bit of culture.

Charleston churchFrom October 6-9, 2016, Charleston is hosting its annual Nuovo Cinema Italiano Italian Film Festival. You can combine everything Italian with wonderful Charleston culture at the perfect time of year! And, of course, you will dine gluten free without worry. Ellen Morse, gluten free travel specialist and Celiac herself, lives in Charleston and sits on the Board of the Festival. Since moving to Charleston a year ago, she has been exploring gluten free restaurant options and can personally recommend local venues where you will enjoy safe and wonderful meals.

She has also vetted three different (and gorgeous) hotels that are able to take good care of gluten free guests. Your stay can even be extended beyond the dates of the festival, if you'd like to spend more time exploring Charleston and the surrounding area. There is limited availability at the hotels, however, so if you think you might be interested, give Ellen a call at 312-337-9235 or email her at ellen@glutenfreetravel-us.com.

Hotel in CharlestonThe New Italian Cinema Film Festival was established in 2006 in Charleston, SC, a cultural center of the southeastern United States and home to the Spoleto Festival USA. The New Italian Cinema Film Festival strives to inform and entertain by presenting important new works of Italian film and casting a critical eye on Italian culture. The mission is to showcase the best in contemporary Italian cinema, giving filmmakers an opportunity to shine and audiences a chance to see past familiar sites and into the heart of Italy.

Please keep in mind, the only set activities will be those connected to the Festival itself - film screenings and events, from which you can pick and choose those which you wish to attend. Your package will include two tickets to each screening as well as invitations to attend Opening Reception and Closing Celebration. You can arrange your days to suit your interests and desires. You will have the mornings to enjoy breakfast at your leisure, exercise, or do some sightseeing around the city. Your arrival can be adjusted to the amount of time you wish to spend in Charleston. Below is the schedule with regard to the film festival itself.

Thursday, October 6: Opening Day

6:00 pm -- Opening Reception

7:15 pm -- First Film Screening

Friday, October 7

12:15 pm -- Film Screening

3:00 pm -- Lecture at College of Charleston

3:00 pm -- Film Screening

7:15 pm -- Film Screening

Saturday, October 8

12:00 pm -- Coffee with artists at theater

1:00 pm -- Film Screening

3:00 pm -- Film Screening

4:30 pm -- Film Screening

7:30 pm -- Film Screening

Sunday, October 9

2:30 pm -- Film Screening

4:00 pm -- Film Screening

6:30 pm -- Film Screening

There will be a Festival Jury Award Ceremony following the final film and a closing celebration.

The films for the current Festival are still in the process of being engaged. Past films included:
Noi E Guilia
Il Nome del Figlio
Anime Nere
Se Dio Vuole

This year, Italian director and screenwriter Massimo Gaudioso will be in attendance! Mr. Gaudioso is the director of the hit comedy, Un Paese Quasi Perfetti. Born in Naples, Mr. Gaudioso is also known as an award winning screenwriter, having collaborated on Gomorrah (2008), Reality (2012) and Tale of Tales (2015).

Horse drawn carriageThe Film Package includes the following:
1 Charleston sightseeing activity (carriage ride, cultural tour, mansion tour) – one is included but you can choose more than one at an additional cost. RESERVATIONS REQUIRED IN ADVANCE.
2 tickets to every film screening- you can attend as many as you wish.
2 tickets to an opening reception and a closing celebration
COST FOR PACKAGE: $500 including value added package* available only to those coming through this offer

*Value added package includes The Hidden Countship (http://www.thehiddencountship.com) private shopping experience with discount, Valentina Sicilian Pottery (www.valentinaspottery.com) shopping experience with discount, vouchers with discounts for local restaurants for breakfasts and lunches, 2 prix fixe dinners at local Italian restaurants available to film festival attendees only – paid upon service.

Spacious bedroomHotel nights are not included, but you have your choice of three beautiful hotels that have been vetted for gluten free meals.

If you're at all interested in hearing more or getting hotel pricing, give Ellen a call. She has expertise in not only gluten free travel, but in Italian culture and the city of Charleston. She is the perfect person to help you plan an unforgettable trip! Again, Ellen can be reached at 312-337-9235 or email her at ellen@glutenfreetravel-us.com. You can also visit her Gluten Free Travel-Us website to see all the various itineraries she offers to her gluten free clients.