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Travel to Iceland and Stay Safely Gluten Free!

Well, we have another amazing travel adventure to entice you with...a visit to Iceland, the land of extreme contrasts. You'll have a chance to visit all the unique natural wonders of this island country, from geothermal baths to icy glaciers. It's another itinerary put together -- with all the gluten free details researched for you -- by Ellen Morse of Gluten Free Travel-Us. She is constantly on the lookout for ways to combine the most popular travel destinations with a safe gluten free experience. 

Iceland Blue Lagoon

This time, she worked with the owner of a travel company in Iceland who also happens to be gluten free. All breakfasts are included at the hotel she will recommend, and the vetting has been done to ensure you'll be food-safe. In addition, she has restaurants she will recommend for your other meals. With all the work done for you, you can relax and enjoy the journey, experiencing the warm hospitality of the Icelandic people and all their country has to offer. 

Iceland affords such a rich and unique experience, with sights you won't find least not all in one place! Its stunning topography includes geothermal hot spots, lava fields, volcanic craters, black sand beaches, and gorgeous waterfalls. You'll see all these...and also visit the "Bridge Between The Continents" connecting the American and Eurasian tectonic plates, walk on a glacier, relax in the Blue Lagoon's healing waters, and stop by the house where Reagan and Gorbachev met to begin the process of ending the Cold War. And, of course, Ellen's suggested itinerary leaves plenty of leisure time for exploring the charming capital of Reykjavik and its vibrant culture, shops, restaurants, and nightlife. If you choose to visit during the warmer summer months, you'll also be treated to the "midnight sun" phenomenon, when days are long and nights are short. 

Iceland Reykjavik

As with all of the gluten free getaways Ellen plans (find over a dozen other options on this page of our website), this is not a group tour. You can travel at any time and with whomever you choose. You can even alter the suggested itinerary based on your interests, desired length of stay, and budget. But, to be honest, the 5-night, 6-day suggested itinerary she's put together looks pretty perfect to me! All the logistical details have been taken care of, including transport to and from the airport and tours that pick you up at your hotel. For more details, visit the Iceland page we've set up on our site or call Ellen Morse directly at 312-337-9235. You can also reach her via email at [email protected].

Iceland Seljalandsfoss

Ellen helped our own family plan an amazing trip to Italy last summer, and I can recommend her wholeheartedly. Because she herself has been gluten free (and dairy free) for decades -- and has a long career as a travel specialist -- she is the perfect person to work with. She understands the importance of planning ahead and having vetted recommendations for gluten free dining at your destination. You will be in good hands! 

If there are any other destination you'd like to see us plan a gluten free itinerary for -- and that aren't currently on our Gluten Free Getaways page -- please let us know. Ellen is always looking to expand her offerings to the gluten free community!