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These Gluten-Free Cookies Are Heaven -- And You Can Even Call Them Healthy!

IMG_8852The package says "Super Food Bites," and these cookies can indeed be classified as healthy in my book. Available in six flavors (Dark Cocoa, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Lemon Ginger, and Raspberry), Emmy's Organics new coconut-based, macaroon-type "cookies" are not only gluten free but organic, vegan, and non-GMO.  The company's focus is on clean ingredients. 

Best of all, they taste amazing. Surprisingly, I think my favorite is the Raspberry. It reminds me of those Hostess "Zingers" (raspberry and coconut coated snack cakes) that I occasionally ate as a kid decades ago. Literally, with my first bite into one of Emmy's Organics raspberry cookies, I was taken back to the 70s...but this little cookie manages to deliver all the taste, without all the chemicals! The Lemon Ginger cookies were a close second for me. 

All you'll find in Emmy's Organics cookies are pure, natural, and organic ingredients...things like coconut, agave nectar, almond flour, extra-virgin coconut oil, and other natural ingredients for flavor (lemon juice powder, ground ginger, fair trade cocoa, and vanilla extract), 

Where can you get these little yummies? They're available online and at thousands of retail locations nationwide, including Starbucks. (I found the Cocoa and Vanilla ones at our local Starbucks.) The cookies come in either 3-packs or 9-packs. A serving size is one cookie (so keep that in mind when looking at the nutrition facts). Also note that the saturated fat content listed is from the coconut oil, which is considered to have many health benefits. (In fact, heart disease is virtually nonexistent in populations that consume a high level of coconut oil.) 

The individual 3-packs lend themselves to keeping in a purse or backpack, packing in a lunchbox, or stashing in a suitcase when traveling. Here's a guilt-free treat for your kids -- or yourself. Let's just say I'm already addicted!