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If you asked me to combine three of my favorite things (Italy, good gluten free food, and yoga), what you'd have is this incredible journey that recently came to my attention. 

Janice Veech (a.k.a. Go Yogi Chef) is a classically trained chef and certified yoga instructor who is leading her second gluten free journey to Umbria, Italy, an incredibly beautiful area of northern Italy known for its medieval villages, vineyards, and rich history. She partners with a local guide to deliver an authentic Italian experience. 

Hilltop town

This gluten free Culinary Travel Adventure , scheduled for October 14-21, 2017, takes advantage of a time when there will be fewer crowds and ideal weather. Umbria's authentic Italian culture gives it a "frozen in time" appeal, and you'll stay in a private agriturismo in the countryside overlooking Assisi for the seven-day trip.

Each morning, you'll have the opportunity to start your day with yoga (which, at the very least, will allow you to give yourself permission to enjoy all the glorious food later in the day!). Each day will be a journey to explore the region's history during Etruscan and Roman times, as well as its modern day culture. Activities include trips to charming hilltop towns, a tour inside the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi -- as well as his nature retreat, a visit to an underground Etruscan city, truffle hunting with a specially trained dog in the countryside, a demonstration by a pottery artisan, cooking classes, olive oil tastings, and visits to wineries. Of course, you'll dine at spectacular restaurants, and all the food will be gluten free.


For those of you who have never traveled to Italy, I can assure you that the Italians take gluten free dining very seriously and rise to the occasion. Being a culture so intertwined with food, they feel terribly that anyone should miss out on high-quality meals, including Italian specialties like pizza, gnocchi, and pasta. Therefore, they have taken it upon themselves to master the art of gluten free Italian cooking! You will marvel at how good -- and fresh -- the food is...and how they manage to create the most amazing gluten free pizza, pasta, and other (typically gluten-filled) specialties.

GF gnocchi

Our own family visited Rome, Florence, and Venice a year ago, and it was by far the most spectacular travel experience we've ever had. Our son did not get "glutened" during the entire trip, and we savored some of the best (and surprisingly simple) food we've ever had. I would be joining this Umbria journey in a heartbeat if it wasn't during the school year (I would feel serious mom-guilt leaving my hubby and kids to go on this adventure!).  

Reading the testimonials from participants in her last Umbria journey will give you an idea of what a great job Janice does organizing the tour -- from the meals to the excursions to the chance to relax. On this same page, you'll find a day-by-day ITINERARY that will literally have you booking your ticket! Each day sounds better than the last. It is the perfect mix of history, culture, incredible dining and food experiences, morning yoga, and relaxing among the beauty of the Umbrian countryside. 

Medieval town

You'll also find, at the bottom of this page, the details of what's included in this 7-night travel package (accommodations, transfers, almost all meals, and daily tours). What's not included is airfare (which will vary based on your city of departure), personal expenses, local taxes, and travel/cancellation insurance (which is usually a very nominal fee, and I always recommend purchasing!). 


The details of this trip sound so perfect that I'm practically in tears. If you're able to go, you'll need to fill out the paperwork (a downloadable form is linked at the bottom of the page above). Feel free to contact Janice with questions. She can be reached at [email protected] and also has a Facebook page devoted to the trip.