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Tour Machu Picchu and the Highlights of Peru, While Staying Safely Gluten Free!

Machu Picchu is high on many people's "Bucket Lists." The problem is...traveling to other countries, especially remote areas, can leave you feeling vulnerable from a dietary perspective. Will you be able to communicate your gluten free needs in another language? Will locals even understand what "gluten free" means? Even if they can offer a meal with gluten free ingredients, will they have the ability to keep your meal from getting cross contaminated during preparation? Will the tours you take even be able to accommodate special dietary needs? Will you be stuck eating fruit and snack bars brought from home for many of your meals? 

Macchu Pichu

These are the questions that swirl through our minds as we dream of those exotic destinations we want to visit someday. Well, now "someday" is here. Our latest "gluten free getaway," designed by gluten free travel specialist Ellen Morse, covers the highlights of Peru, along with Machu Picchu. You'll spend a week touring Cuzco, Lima, UNESCO World Heritage Site Machu Picchu -- along with other ancient and colonial towns in Peru. This is a spectacular itinerary! 

Olly ruins

Best of all, Ellen and her local partners in Peru have vetted the hotels and restaurants where you will stay and dine, and there are both "luxury" and "superior" levels of travel available to you. You'll be able to relax and enjoy Peru's unique and amazing sites without worrying about researching and vetting the gluten free dining options yourself. Personally, this is a destination I've wondered if we'd ever be able to visit with our gluten free son, so I was so thrilled when Ellen assured me it was possible!

South America has become a popular destination recently, due to its rich history, friendly people, temperate climate, and stunning natural beauty. This itinerary -- completely customizable based on when you want to travel, your budget, and your interests -- presents a great alternative to Europe...and a warmer option during the winter months.


 You'll visit ancient Incan towns and temples, colonial squares and churches, archaeological sites like Machu Picchu, fortresses, artisan workshops, and even the largest complex of fountains in the world. Plus, you'll be treated to stunning views unlike any you've ever seen. 

For more details about Ellen's suggested itinerary, visit the Peru page on GlutenFreeTravelSite. You can also call Ellen Morse directly at 312-337-9235 or email her at [email protected] to discuss options and pricing.