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Travel to Greece -- And Stay Safely Gluten Free!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Greek Islands and actually standing atop this hill you see in so many photographs?  Would you love to tour the Acropolis in Athens and marvel at the Parthenon? What about meandering among the ancient ruins on an uninhabited island full of archaeological treasures? 


If these things have been on your own Bucket List, it's no wonder. Greece has always been a favorite destination -- for all these reasons. In addition to the natural beauty that surrounds you and the amazing history and architectural wonders, Greece's citizens are so warm and hospitable. 

Ellen Morse of Gluten Free Travel-Us (and gluten free for decades herself) recently had some gluten free clients request an itinerary for Greece, and based on the success in setting up the trip, she is offering a similar itinerary to other clients. Of course, as with any of Ellen's itineraries, you are the "captain of your own boat" and can tailor it to your interests and desired length of stay. And because it is NOT a group tour, you can take it any time of the year (although Ellen highly recommends April through October as being ideal). 


This particular itinerary hits on the highlights...3 nights in Athens for "must see" stops of both ancient and modern interest...then it's on to beautiful the beautiful islands of Mykonos and Santorini, each for 3 nights. These Greek islands will give you a chance to experience the most glorious views, and a day trip to the ancient ruins on Delos will amaze you. 

There's a perfect blend of sightseeing and relaxation on this trip, and there is also flexibility to incorporate more active excursions like snorkeling, biking, or hiking if desired. You'll be in good hands with expert English-speaking escorts and tour guides, and Ellen and her partner Kensington Tours have vetted all hotels and recommended restaurants for their gluten free knowledge. 


So leave the worry at home and take advantage of this amazing opportunity. I visited Greece myself back in the late 80s, and I will never forget the experience. It's one I hope to share with my own kids some day soon! 

See the full itinerary Ellen has put together here on our Greece page