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Celiac Awareness Month Giveaway: Win a Bottle of GliadinX to Have as a "Back Up Plan" If You Get Unintentionally Glutened When You Dine Out or Travel

Have you heard of GliadinX? I can’t remember where and when I’d first heard about it, but the developer of this unique enzyme formulation contacted me recently, and I was intrigued to learn more. 
Like with many products and services, necessity was the mother of invention with GliadinX. Founder Dr. Albert Zickmann has two children diagnosed with celiac disease, and he was concerned about cross contamination and accidental gluten exposure when dining out, traveling, and sending his kids to birthday parties and camps. Having a medical background himself, he began researching studies on enzymes that digest gliadin (the damaging component of gluten) in the stomach. Dr. Zickmann took an extensively researched enzyme proven to break down gluten in clinical and laboratory studies and combined it with a food grade acid to further increase the efficacy of the enzyme. Essentially, this combination breaks down the gliadin molecule, cutting it into harmless fragments before the gluten can cause an inflammatory reaction in the small intestine. 
GliadinX logo without background
Let me stress that this is not a product that is intended to replace a strict gluten free diet, as it states explicitly on the bottle. It is for times when you suspect cross contamination may be a factor, or immediately upon learning you unintentionally ate something containing gluten. In that sense, I think it's something our own family would want to keep “on hand” — and also throw in my purse when we dine out…just in case. 
Fortunately, our family hasn’t had many instances where we’ve suspected cross contamination, as we tend to be very careful about where we dine, doing a lot of research first and sticking with “tried and true” GF-friendly restaurants. But depending on where you travel, or what circumstances you find yourself in at a restaurant, it is a risk that’s always present, unless you’re dining in a 100% dedicated gluten free environment. And how many stories have you heard of people eating at a restaurant, only to find out halfway through their meal that the fries weren’t, indeed, fried in a dedicated fryer…or the bread actually got mixed up and isn’t gluten free…or the pizza was prepared in the same flour-dusted area as the regular pizzas...or the marinade has soy in it? I know I’ve heard plenty of horror stories like that…and only narrowly managed to avoid a few of those types of issues ourselves. The fact is, restaurants have high employee turnover, and training can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. Even the chains with the best reputations can occasionally have missteps. 
Why not have this “extra layer of protection” to fall back on if you suspect potential glutting? After all, you don’t want to get sick, especially if you’re dining out or traveling. It can ruin a whole trip!
You can read more about GliadinX — as well as the clinical studies done on the enzyme it contains — at Note that GliadinX is an enzyme formulation specifically designed to break down the gliadin molecule responsible for inflammatory reactions in the small intestine and is NOT the same as other products such as GlutenEase™ which prevent bloating and "enhance digestion of foods containing gluten or casein." There are many forms of gluten sensitivity, and some gluten sensitivities are caused by certain forms of sugars contained in gluten. GliadinX is not effective for these situations. 
In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, Gluten Free Travel Blog will draw three lucky winners at random from a pool of people who submit a dining or travel review to our website,, between now and midnight, Eastern Time, on May 31, 2018. In other words, all you have to do to be entered in the random drawing for a free bottle of GliadinX is to submit a review of a restaurant, bakery, market, hotel, resort, B&B — or even a cruise ship — via the Submit Review page of our website (just follow the prompts). It can be a positive or negative review — we welcome all feedback that helps other gluten free diners choose the safest and best places to dine! Each review submission counts as one entry into the drawing (i.e. submit two reviews, and you’ll get entered twice). We will draw three winners, each of whom will be sent a bottle of GliadinX, after the deadline at midnight, Eastern time, on May 31, 2018. (Please do not leave reviews in the Comments section below...but you may leave other general comments.)
**GliadinX is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent celiac disease and is NOT meant to be a substitute for a gluten free diet.