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Experience Buenos Aires and the Natural Splendors of Argentina -- All While Staying Gluten Free!

Some Celiac and gluten sensitive individuals get spooked thinking about travel. In fact, some of you may avoid travel at all costs. You may be concerned about the safety of meals you'll eat -- and have a hard time trusting that people who will be making your meals three times per day know what they are doing! Others of you may travel...but prefer to stick with domestic locales. To be sure, having a language barrier -- and being unsure of a country's knowledge of the intricacies of a gluten free diet -- can be daunting. 

While each one of us needs to work within our own comfort zone, I will say that there are so many resources available today to help ensure that you'll have a good chance of success staying gluten free almost anywhere you travel. Of course, it takes a bit of planning, but that's where you can also get help. 


Ellen Morse, who you have heard me talk about before, is a travel specialist with decades of experience planning trips for both domestic and international clients. Plus, she has been both gluten free AND dairy free herself since childhood. Here is someone who will take your concerns and needs seriously! 

She was thrilled years ago when the "gluten free travel" category seemed to take off, because she delights in opening up opportunities for her gluten free clients in fabulous locales all over the world. 


While she can plan a traditional "highlights of Europe" trip for you, she also enjoys the challenge of planning itineraries for more "off the beaten path" locations that aren't yet wildly popular. She also has opened up the possibility to travel to locations that were -- up until recently -- not somewhere gluten free travelers would think they could stay food-safe. 

Ellen can do this because she has so many close relationships with travel partners and local experts that are "on the ground" in spots all over the world. With the help of these local travel experts, she has been able to develop itineraries and vet all the accommodations and restaurants where she books her clients. Some destinations will have more choices for dining out gluten free than others, but suffice it to say that -- if she is promoting a specific itinerary -- she has found places she feels comfortable sending gluten free clients!


Her latest such travel possibility is Argentina, a land of many natural splendors. Keep in mind, Ellen's itineraries are NOT group tours. They are suggested itineraries that anyone can book through  her at any time. You can travel with a spouse, extended family, or friends. The choice is yours. You have complete control over when you travel, how long you stay, and what you do (the itineraries can be customized, adding or deleting things according to your own interests).

Argentina is a dream trip for nature enthusiasts, as you'll experience world-famous waterfalls, glaciers, lakes, and even "The End of the World" (a town called Ushuaia in the province of Tierra del Fuego). You'll also have an opportunity to go mini-trekking on a glacier! And, of course, no trip to Argentina would be complete without time in Buenos Aires, the sophisticated capital city. You'll see palaces, the opera house, cathedrals, and the port area. Plus, you'll  have plenty of free time for museums and shopping. Another highlight will be a night out to enjoy a wonderful dinner and the art of tango dancing


The best thing about this -- and Ellen's other itineraries (check out the full list on our Gluten Free Getaways page) -- is that almost all meals are included (at vetted restaurants). So you can relax and enjoy your trip, without worrying about all the planning details for sightseeing OR gluten free dining. That's what makes Ellen worth her weight in gold! 

Visit our Gluten Free Argentina page for full day-by-day details of the itinerary, and then give Ellen a call to learn more about pricing (it will vary, based on your travel preferences). If the Argentina itinerary doesn't grab you, ask her about any of the other itineraries that appeal to you -- or have her create one based on your own Bucket List destination!