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A Chance to Tour Ireland and All Its Splendor, While Staying Safely Gluten Free!

Stay Gluten Free While Traveling to Either Italy or London

Italy and London remain two of the most popular travel destinations. And the great news is that BOTH countries can be easily enjoyed, even if you're on a gluten free diet due to medical reasons (Celiac or gluten sensitivity). In fact, I found that both destinations are, in many ways, easier than the U.S. in terms of the level of knowledge for preparing safe, gluten free meals. They take gluten free diners seriously, as everyone should.

Now, don't get me wrong...that doesn't mean you can eat anywhere. No, there's a lot of planning that needs to go into any trip to either Italy or London if you're gluten free. That is, you'll want advice and feedback on the BEST places to dine  in each destination. That means figuring out which restaurants not only accommodate gluten free diners, but allow you to enjoy the specialties of the region. You'll want to dine at the restaurants that really go out of their way to WOW you with options like gluten free afternoon tea service (in London, of course) or gluten free Neapolitan pizza, homemade GF pasta, or gluten free tiramisu in Italy.  (You don't want to settle for simple grilled meat and veggies as your non-GF travel companions gorge themselves on fresh pasta pomodoro!)

Gluten-Free in ITALY e-book

And no matter how amazing a restaurant is,  you may not want to go totally out of your way to a distant suburb and devote the better part of a day getting there and back. No, I'm guessing you'll likely prefer to find the best places near the sites you're planning to see in each city, right? Finally, you'll want to make sure a restaurant's gluten free options appeal to all your family members. When traveling with kids, some of the higher end restaurants with award-winning chefs (and great gluten free knowledge) may not be what you're looking for. 

So...let me introduce you to my two robust travel guides: Gluten-Free in ITALY and Gluten-Free in LONDON. While I didn't set out to write a book when embarking on my trips, I found I had way too much knowledge to share -- both from my planning AND our family's first-hand experiences traveling to these destinations -- to NOT share it. I wish I'd have had someone consolidate all their knowledge for us before our own travels. It would have saved me a TON of time and given me a more organized way to approach things when planning our day-by-day activities and dining. 

These books can even be used as a day-by-day itinerary, as many families have told me they've done. I make many recommendations in each area of the cities, so that dining is convenient before or after your schedule of historical site tours, museum visits, and even day trips outside the city. Recommended places are plotted on a map for easy planning. 

GF in London

While it may be exhilarating to plan an international trip for some of you, it can also be exhausting in today's do-it-yourself world. It's okay to get help! In these two e-books, I assist you by narrowing it down to the safest, most convenient, and most interesting and delicious dining spots. I also help you by recommending not only places to dine, but places to stay, tours to take, sites to see, day trips to consider, how to get around, ways to save money, and more! 

The Gluten-Free in ITALY book covers Rome, Florence, and Venice, with a new addendum for Umbria, a gorgeous area of central Italy bordering Tuscany (with similar rolling hillsides, vineyards, and medieval villages -- but less touristy than Tuscany). Gluten-Free in LONDON covers all of London, as well as some convenient day trips. 

If you're planning a trip to either destination, please consider purchasing one of these e-books through Amazon. They can be read on a computer, tablet, e-reader, or smart phone (all you need is the free Kindle app). They're worth every cent of their $9.99 price, when you consider how much time they will save you in planning. As we all have learned by now, time is money! People also tell me how excited they get just reading these books -- they realize they will not be limited in their choices and can't wait to get on a plane! 

Just imagine...the comfort of knowing you can enjoy what other travelers rave about -- whether it's afternoon tea sandwiches and scones in the heart of London...or a hot brick-oven Neapolitan pizza in Rome! Just writing this post makes me want to hop on a plane....