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A Chance to Tour Ireland and All Its Splendor, While Staying Safely Gluten Free!

Ireland has always been a popular destination for travelers. And it's no wonder. There is a rich history to explore, as well as natural beauty almost everywhere you turn. In fact, you've probably heard of the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry. But imagine how spectacular it would be to see them in person. And if you're a fan of medieval towns and castles, Ireland is not to be missed. There are even ancient stone circles and other interesting ruins to explore. 


Fortunately for all of us, Ireland is the "gold standard" of gluten free travel, as they have a higher than average rate of Celiac disease in their population...and therefore are knowledgeable and careful about keeping gluten free diners safe. 

But if you're just too busy with your day-to-day work and family responsibilities to plan a trip to Ireland on your own (who isn't?!), you may want to consider enlisting the help of Ellen Morse, a gluten free travel specialist with literally DECADES of experience in both the travel industry AND as a gluten free traveler herself. There is no one better to plan a trip to Ireland on your behalf! 


The way Ellen typically works with her clients is to plan an itinerary of suggested tours, day trips, and experiences --  including meals -- that can be taken at any time. In other words, she doesn't usually plan group trips. However, with Ireland, she is currently giving her clients two options: either booking a trip at any time, customized to one's own interests and schedule, OR signing up for a group tour that she is planning for May 2020. The choice is yours...perhaps you like the idea of meeting other like-minded (and gluten free) travelers. Or perhaps you'd like to travel just with your family -- or a group of close friends. 


Either way, you'll want to look at a sample itinerary for Ireland that Ellen has put together. You'll start in Dublin seeing castles and cathedrals and highlights like Trinity College and the Guinness Storehouse. You'll then spend several days exploring noteworthy spots in the countryside. As always, you can add stops and tailor the trip to your personal preferences and desired length of travel. Ellen will take care of all the details -- tours, transportation, hotels, and meals -- so you can save yourself endless hours and the inevitable frustration of planning everything yourself! Our own family has used her for many trips over the years, and it is so comforting to know that an expert is on your side...finding you the best tour companies, accommodations, and dining venues. And if you get in a bind on your trip, Ellen is just a phone call away. 


We have been showcasing many of Ellen's itineraries over the years on our Gluten Free Getaways page, so take a look at all the options available to you here. And if you have another request -- perhaps something like the highlights of Italy -- give her a call. She has booked clients and planned itineraries in virtually every corner of the world...from the Arctic Circle to the Galapagos to South Africa! You'll find 20 of her itineraries on the GF Getaways page


For more information on Ireland (either on-your-own or the group tour), call Ellen at 312-337-9235 or email her at [email protected]. She would love to hear from you! (All photos above provided by Pixabay.)