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10 Easy Things Restaurants Can Do To Make Their Menus More Gluten-Free Friendly

Use our Website and App to Find -- and Read Reviews of -- Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurants and other Venues

We are proud to have been the very first website devoted to giving the gluten free community a forum to search and submit reviews of gluten-free friendly dining venues. We launched GlutenFreeTravelSite way back in April 2008 -- almost 11 years ago -- when "gluten free" wasn't yet a household term. There was a bit of education to do, both with the public and with restaurants. 

Our database has grown tremendously, and searching is even easier than ever. Simply enter a town or zip code into the search box on the Search/Mapping page of our site, and you'll get a list of places that have been reviewed, alongside a map with all the venues plotted. Click on any restaurant in the listing -- or zoom in to click a marker on the map -- to read the review(s). You'll find hundreds of places in the big cities...and at least a dozen or more gluten-free friendly venues reviewed in most smaller cities. We have places reviewed not just in the U.S., but all over the world! It is amazing to see where reviews come in from! 

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If you prefer to do a broad search on our site -- for example, by state, country, or region -- you can start on this page of our site. You can then narrow your search from there.

For those of you who prefer an app for on-the-go access, you'll love our DINE GLUTEN FREE mobile app, free and available for both iOS and Android. It has the same targeted and broad search features for finding GF-friendly dining options. 

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The site and app have helped so many families like ours, whether they are searching for ideas of where to dine in their area -- or safe places to seek out when traveling. It is so comforting to get this personal feedback about your options before setting out on a trip. I like to start with our website to do my initial research -- and then consult the app when on-the-go. Both access the same database of reviews, just in slightly different formats. 

For those of you who like to stick with restaurants that are 100% gluten free, with no chance of cross contamination, you'll love the special crossed-off wheat symbol we use for those businesses.

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We also have sections of our site and app dedicated to chain restaurants offering gluten free menus. We did this so the main review database of our site isn't full of just chain restaurants...it's a way to separate them out. So I'd encourage you to consult this section of almost 100 chains before you embark on any travel for business or pleasure. When our family travels, we always look forward to trying out chains that we can't find in our own area. In fact, we are heading to the midwest soon and will be looking forward to our dinner at one of Biaggi's fantastic restaurants! It's fun to see how many of their locations we've been able to visit over the years! 

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If you have any favorite gluten-free friendly restaurants, bakeries, markets, hotels, resorts (or even cruises) that you've enjoyed, PLEASE share them with others by taking just a few short minutes to submit a review on our site OR app. You'll be helping the millions of other GF folks looking for new and exciting (and most importantly, SAFE) places to dine. 

And if you're new to the gluten free world, don't miss our robust Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Resources section that will give you (and your relatives) a crash-course on adapting to the gluten free life, safely and enjoyably. We even have a section of our site listing 25 different gluten free travel opportunities -- with travel professionals specializing in customized Gluten Free Getaways to virtually anywhere in the world. If you take a look at my page of published Articles, you'll also get dozens ideas for travel to specific destinations. 

We love helping you live a vibrant gluten free life, without making sacrifices in dining out or traveling. Please let us know if we can ever be of further help to you!