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Gluten Free Food and Wine Tours of Italy

If you love Italy but have already been to some of the popular tourist destinations like Rome, Florence, and Venice, you may want to consider a more "off the beaten path" tour of one of Italy's many beautiful and less touristy areas. This is Bluone Tours' specialty: guided, small group tours to many of the regions of Italy known for their history, medieval hilltop towns, religious sites, vineyards, olive groves, beaches, scenic vistas, and, of course, regional food and wine specialties.


Fortunately, Italian restauranteurs are typically very well-versed about Celiac Disease and how to prepare safe gluten free meals for diners that require them. However, in some of these "less traveled" areas outside the big cities, it's smart to have an Italian-speaking guide who can make arrangements with the restauranteurs in advance -- and act as an advocate and liaison when arriving at the restaurant. After all, English is not always spoken as fluently by restaurant workers in these more provincial areas as it is in the big cities. But all of this is no worry when you travel with Bluone Tours. Marcello and Raffaella Tori, the couple that owns Bluone Tours, accompany all tour groups and have experience with gluten free travelers. In many cases, they are even able to make arrangements for any cooking classes that might be part of the tour to be GF-friendly.

Bluone Tours offers small-group tours all over Italy. Each region has its own unique history and charm. Whichever region you visit, you'll discover the freshest food and delicious wines the region is known for. It's a more intimate and authentic way to experience Italy, and you'll have opportunities you wouldn't have on your own...things like cooking classes, special wine tastings, tours of vineyards and olive mills, truffle hunting with specially trained dogs, and visits with local artisans. The food is exquisite, using the freshest local ingredients. Nothing is processed or packaged, and chefs know what ingredients are in each recipe.

I had the privilege of joining Bluone on one of their tours to Umbria. It was one of the best trips I've ever taken. You can ready about my experience in the Blog post I wrote upon my return.

Many restaurants even offer gluten free pasta, pizza, and desserts. To see the wide variety of tours offered by Bluone, visit their websiteFriends of the Gluten Free Travel Blog also get a special welcome gift upon arrival on any of their tours, so be sure to mention GFTS-GF when you inquire about or book any tourThat way, Marcello and Raffaella will also know that you require gluten free meals. They are happy to follow up with you to discuss your needs. You can email them at [email protected] about any of their tours. They will let you know if there are any potential issues with restaurants, tastings, or cooking classes.