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Gluten Free Resort in Costa Rica Offers Yoga, Surfing, and Scuba...and Plenty of Relaxation!

It's not often you run across a completely gluten free resort, but alas, there's one nestled in a prime spot in Costa Rica. Anamaya is a completely gluten free resort specializing in yoga retreats, surfing, scuba diving, or just relaxing! They welcome everyone from complete beginners to more experienced yogis and surfers. (Or you can opt to just enjoy a beach vacation there -- full of snorkeling and local exploring.)


"Anamaya" is Sanskrit for "good health," an ideal the resort's staff works very hard to promote through healthy meals, relaxation, exercise, and lots of fun. Anamaya offers weekly yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings, a variety of workshops, gourmet organic meals, luxurious spa services and array of retreat vacation packages, all situated atop a cliff edge with one of the best ocean views in Costa Rica. There are also optional excursions to popular spots in Costa Rica and an optional scuba certification program.

Anamaya pool

The resort is located in the tropical beach town Montezuma, just 25 minutes from Santa Teresa and its famous surf spots. Anamaya Resort has been 100% gluten-free for years now. The resort was inspired to become gluten-free after Chef Jeff Horton joined the staff. Chef Jeff made it his mission to continuously improve the meals, using organic and local ingredients and sustainable practices in the kitchen.

Anamaya gluten free food

All flours are locally sourced and mixed to provide the best texture and consistency in gluten-free baking so that guests hardly notice the difference. He uses a combination of flours from sweet potato, green plantain, rice, tapioca (yucca), amaranth, coffee (the fruit shell, so there's no coffee flavor), coconuts, chia, flaxseed, arrowroot, and oats. Some of their locally grown ingredients even come from their own farm just down the road from the resort. The mission here is to serve healthy, minimally processed meals full of protein and healthy fats -- and with lots of local fruits and vegetables. 


Anamaya is also dairy free and will even accommodate any other diet or allergy that a guest may have. Rates cover accommodations and three organic, gluten free meals each day. Yoga and/or surf packages, as well as scuba certification, are a separate upcharge.

Anamaya yoga

For more information, visit Anamaya Resort's website, call them toll-free at 1-866-412-5350, or email them at [email protected]. To save 10% on Anamaya's base rates (accommodations and meals, but not yoga packages or extras), be sure to tell them you learned about them on this Gluten Free Travel Blog!