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Let This Gluten-Free Travel Specialist Handle Your Travel Details!

I've been working with Lesley Hayden-Hock at Travel Leaders for about a decade now. I've used her personally to plan many of our family's trips (domestic, international, and cruises), and I've referred countless gluten free families to her over the years. 

Lesley has mastered the questions to ask resorts and cruises when booking clients who have special dietary needs, whether they be gluten free, dairy free, or have other sensitivities. She works with the Food and Beverage Directors directly and has developed great working relationships with a wide range of high-end resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean where service is top-notch. Many of these resorts are also what's called "gourmet all-inclusive." Lesley's clients always get special VIP treatment. The resorts understand how to keep gluten free diners safe, and they aim to please. They even go so far as arranging for new dedicated gluten free toasters -- and bake a special cake or cupcakes for a gluten free child's Birthday. It ends up being a vacation for everyone! 

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After all, in today's "do it yourself" world, we all often try to juggle too much. If you're like me, you may find there just aren't always enough hours in the day to tackle all the travel details of upcoming trips. It's so nice to have someone like Lesley, whose job it is to take things off your plate. So consider taking a vacation from worry on your next trip, and give Lesley a call. As with many travel specialists, you don't pay for Lesley's services. She is paid a booking fee by the resort, as it is part of the resort's marketing expense.

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In addition to resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, cruises are also a specialty of Lesley's. She will help you choose the right cruise line, based on who you are traveling with, your travel preferences, your budget, and, most importantly...which cruise lines do the best job exceeding the expectations of travelers with special dietary needs. Our family has had great experiences on a couple different cruise lines over the years. There is so much to do on board, so it's ideal for traveling with multiple generations -- or even planning a family reunion on a cruise ship! Lesley can help you coordinate all those planning details, too, whether you want one of the new mega-ships or a quieter, smaller ship! 

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If Hawaii or Italy are on your Bucket List, Lesley can help you with that as well. In fact, she has experience planning trips almost anywhere. 

Give Lesley a call at 800-487-6110 or email her at [email protected] to get answers to your questions and discuss the many incredible travel options open to you, as well as pricing. You can read reviews from many of her satisfied clients here