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Wonderful Gluten Free Options at Not Your Average Joe's

Our family is lucky to have some good options in the Washington, DC metro area when it comes to gluten free dining. Whether we're venturing into DC for a show, game, or a day at museums -- or staying closer to home out in the Virginia suburbs -- there are a good number restaurant chains, as well as many independent restaurants, that "get it" when it comes to preparing delicious and safe gluten free meals. 

Not Your Average Joe's is one such restaurant chain (with locations in 8 states) that we've relied on over the years. We hadn't been there for a while, so we chose it for my mom's birthday celebration last weekend. The challenge is always finding someplace that pleases adults and teenagers...and where our son can have some interesting choices from a well-thought-out gluten free menu. Not Your Average Joe's, as the name would suggest, meets those criteria. 

Nothing is average or bland here. Their menu is huge, and you'll find there are tons of gluten free options, listed under their "Fit-For-You" part of the menu, which denotes gluten free, vegetarian, kept, paleo, vegan, and "Signature Joe" items. (When you click on their Menu page, you first are asked to choose a state, and then the specific location. Next, you'll select Main Menu. Scroll all the way down through the Main Menu until you get to "Fit-For-You," and you'll see the gluten free items marked with an orange "GF" circle.)

NYA Joe's salmon with pecan pesto

My personal favorite item on the menu -- and one of my favorite meals anywhere -- is their Pecan-Sage Pesto Salmon: Grilled Atlantic salmon with pecan-sage pesto, chipotle sweet potato mash and roasted Brussels sprouts (pictured above). No wonder it's a "Signature Joe" item as's divine! Our son often gets a burger, since they have good gluten free homemade buns (which they will also bring to the table with their signature dipping oil, upon request). Therefore, you won't feel left out when everyone else is noshing on their "regular" bread prior to the meal. 

NYA Joe's carrot cake

You won't go wanting for anything at Not Your Average Joe's. Other gluten free favorites we've ordered over the years include their delicious entree salads (Ahi Tuna, Cobb, Waldorf, Super Crunch, and Steak Wedge). You can get multiple varieties of burgers, including an "Impossible" plant-based burger. Entrees of note include their signature Mustard Crusted Chicken, Chicken Piccata with gluten free pasta, Chicken Parmesan (how often do you see that on a GF Menu?), and Jambalaya. There's also Haddock and two veggie entree options -- all that are gluten free, too. There are 8 side dishes that are gluten free...and even an amazing gluten free carrot cake for dessert. 

You can view all Not Your Average Joe's locations across six states. Even if there's not one currently near you, maybe you'll be lucky enough to try one when traveling! They have Valentine's Day specials running now through February 16.