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Having never visited Prague, I wasn’t sure about the restaurants and how gluten-free friendly they might be. Just as with Munich and Berlin, the two other cities we visited on our recent European family vacation, I did quite a bit of research online first to find what sounded like the best restaurants for gluten free dining. And, in fact, we may have ended up dining at the two only 100% gluten free full-scale restaurants in Prague: Alriso Risotteria Italiana and Restaurace U Agamy. We also found a gluten free bakery right near our hotel and had lunch at a creperie serving gluten free crepes not too far from Prague Castle. As in many cities, Italian restaurants are often the most gluten aware, and our choice of where to dine the first night in Prague, Alriso Risotteria Italiana, is 100% gluten free. What a treat to go to a restaurant where we don’t have to ask ANY questions, and we know Ryan will get a safe and delicious meal. Equally as exciting, it was right in the bustling Old Town area of the city, where you will likely be spending a lot of your time sightseeing and shopping. Aliso Risotteria Italiana... Read more →

Last month, our family of four had the privilege of enjoying 8 days in Europe -- 3 nights in Munich, 3 nights in Prague, and 2 nights in Berlin. In this post, I'll detail our gluten free dining experiences in Munich and Berlin. (I'll cover Prague in a separate post.) As I planned the trip, I followed my usual protocol for choosing restaurants. I started by doing a fair amount of research online – looking at websites, apps, and blogs covering "gluten free Munich" and "gluten free Berlin." As always -- especially when traveling to a foreign country where English is not the official language -- I distilled the recommendations down to the restaurants that sounded safest. Ideally, it’s great to find a 100% gluten free establishment, especially when you don’t know the language and therefore may have a hard time asking questions and explaining the nuances of cross contamination. In this case, I did also come across reviews of places that weren’t dedicated gluten free but seemed to be very well-versed on how to keep Celiacs safe. The next step was to look at the menus online to see which would appeal most to our family, in terms of... Read more →