Today I wanted to share something a bit different -- nothing having to do with gluten-free dining or travel, actually. But perhaps something to read while on your next trip...and since today is Valentine's Day, it's only fitting that it's a romance! I recently learned about author Sherry A. Burton and her latest novel, The Scars Between Us, in which the main female character has Celiac Disease. Although Sherry herself does not have Celiac Disease, she was forced to live a completely gluten-free life for nearly three years, due to medical issues. Eventually, the issue resolved itself, and while she is no-longer gluten free, she finds herself limiting the amount of gluten she ingests, lest the problem return. This personal experience gave her a new appreciation for what people on special diets due to medical issues go through -- and the challenges they struggle with each day. She wanted to keep this issue in the forefront of people's minds, especially given the increasing rate of Celiac diagnosis and food allergies/intolerances in our society today. Here is the gist of the plot of The Scars Between Us: Haunted by dreams of her dead husband, Elizabeth spends five years of her life... Read more →