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We've been hard at work making GlutenFreeTravelSite -- the website containing thousands of user-submitted Gluten Free Dining and Travel REVIEWS -- even better. Here are some of the new content and features you'll find on our redesigned site...I hope you'll take a few minutes to browse the new site and share it with all your Gluten Free friends and family members! Enhanced HOME page, with links and easy navigation to all areas of our site Expanded Gluten Free at College section, including reviews of college dining services, submitted by GF students A CRUISE page, showcasing the gluten free policies of all the major Cruise Lines, along with links to cruise REVIEWS submitted to our site An AIRLINES page, detailing which major airlines offer gluten free meals upon request A Listing of CAMPS all over the country that offer programs for Gluten Free Kids Social Sharing on each page of the site to allow you to share pages -- or specific reviews -- with your GF friends Expanded GLUTEN FREE RESOURCES page, organized by category (Celiac associations, Trip Planning, GF-Friendly Hotels/Resorts, Mobile resources...) Enhanced page listing Restaurant Chains offering Gluten Free Menus, with links to dedicated pages for each restaurant Ability... Read more →

If your idea of the perfect vacation is a cruise with multiple ports-of-call, you're in are fast becoming one of the better options for gluten-free travelers. Most of the big cruise lines have policies in place to serve people with special dietary needs. If you've never cruised and have been hesitant for one reason or another, consider vacations are mostly inclusive (excursions and alcoholic beverages are usually extra, as are spa treatments), and it gives you the opportunity to visit many destinations, while only unpacking once! On our website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, we have links to many of the cruise lines and their GF policies on our Travel Resources page. Most cruise lines recommend noting your gluten-free needs at the time you — or your travel agent — makes the reservation. It’s a good idea to meet with the Maitre d’ upon arrival on your first day on the ship, too. That should enable you to articulate any preferences to the chef — and find out a bit more about the GF options on board. Some cruise lines may even tell you more about the gluten-free staples they stock on their ships when you first make your reservation — and... Read more →

I'm constantly amazed at how the reviews of CRUISES that gluten-free travelers submit to our website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, are so varied.** Some people rave about the care that goes into preparing their meals -- and the gluten-free choices available -- while others leave the cruise sorely disappointed. That's why, this month, we chose to showcase a particularly positive review of one cruise line -- Celebrity -- as our Featured Review of the Month on GlutenFreeTravelSite. Celebrity is one line that has gotten consistently positive reviews on our site, and this month's featured reviewer (who is an avid traveler and also happens to be the National Secretary of the Canadian Celiac Association) has actually had TWO successful cruises on one of their ships...the Celebrity Summit. His first cruise with his wife was a European cruise back in 2008 for their honeymoon. Their more recent cruise on the same ship -- the Celeberity Summit -- involved a Caribbean itinerary of "island hopping." This Celiac traveler could not have spoken more highly of the treatment he received on board. "I was taken aback by the staff's genuine concern for my needs and remarkable ability to cater to the Gluten-Free diet." He said he "ate... Read more →

It's so nice to see companies finally catering to gluten-free travelers, and nowhere is it more important than in the planning stages of a trip. While sites like GlutenFreeTravelSite are a great starting point for gathering ideas about where to stay, shop, and dine when traveling, sometimes you want to go a step further and have someone handle the research and planning for you, including contacting your hotels and restaurants in advance of your trip to ensure the chef understands your needs. And sometimes you just want someone to plan the whole trip, including pointing you towards the best accommodations when traveling domestically or abroad. That's exactly what GlutenFreeTravelSite's new Site Advertiser, Gluten Free Travel-US does. They'll take care of all your travel needs and ensure your gluten-free expectations are met -- and even surpassed. Since owner Ellen Morse is gluten and dairy free, she is acutely aware of the challenges faced by the traveler with food allergies. She has been creating customized worldwide itineraries for travelers for 14 years. Now, with the services of Estelle Chandler, gluten free consultant and chef, she is able to extend her expertise to the gluten free traveler. Gluten Free Travel-Us plans "gluten-free friendly"... Read more →

We just finished expanding and updating our Resources page on GlutenFreeTravelSite, and we think you'll like the result. It's a treasure trove of links to helpful sites and products that make living gluten-free -- and especially traveling and dining out -- easier and more enjoyable. You'll find links to all the major Celiac associations, both U.S.-based and international, including direct links to their pages with local chapter contact information. This is helpful to have when planning a trip, since a quick call to the local support group at your destination can often yield great advice. I'd especially recommend doing this when traveling internationally. Our Resources page also contains a complete guide to Cruising gluten-free, with contact information and the gluten-free policies of all major cruise lines included. Fortunately, most cruise ships now have at least basic gluten-free foods available, and some cruise lines go the extra mile to make their GF guests feel special with all sorts of wonderful GF treats. If a cruise vacation is something you're considering, you can also visit our Caribbean page of reviews, which contains user-submitted reviews of all the major cruise lines. Other helpful sections of our Resources page include information on handy travel... Read more →

Gluten-Free Alaska Cruise Aboard Holland America's Zaandam

We just got word that NIght and Day Travel and Cruises in Portland (an affiliate of Sun Connections Travel and Cruises) is organizing a Gluten-Free Alaskan cruise on Holland American's Zaandam. This one-week cruise, departing Seattle on August 27, stops in Juneau, Glacier Bay, Sitka, Ketchikan, and Victoria. It's a fundraiser to benefit GIG of the Portland Metro area. While the entire cruise is not "gluten free," they are holding 20 cabins for this organized gluten-free group. (And it goes without saying that you may travel with non-GF family and friends.) Each gluten-free cruiser will receive a questionnaire in advance of the trip in order to communicate menu requests (gluten-free waffles, muffins, pancakes, etc.). That way, the chef on board will be sure he has adequate supplies for the week. Gluten-free meals will be offered in the main dining room (buffet dining will have gluten-free options as well, but there is always the potential for cross contamination). For more info, call travel agent Barbara Pugh at 971-255-1420/888-655-4850 or email her at [email protected] Read more →