Gluten Free Ice Cream

I have a Red Sox T-shirt that says, "Married Into It." Well, I had the good fortune to "marry into" something else equally as awesome in the Boston area...a family of ice cream makers. Yes, my husband has not one -- but two -- cousins who own ice cream shops in the Boston area and specialize in high-quality, homemade ice cream in unique and innovative flavors. Although we live in the Washington DC area, we try to get up to Boston every so often. On our most recent trip in August, we surprised my husband's cousin Joe Rancatore, the owner of Rancatore's Ice Cream Shop in Lexington (and another in Belmont), with a visit. He happened to be in the back making ice cream when we arrived at the shop, so we were fortunate enough to get a sneak peak into the ice cream making process. Our 10 and 12-year old sons especially enjoyed this! Not only does Joe use only the highest quality ingredients in his ice cream, he's constantly coming up with new flavor combinations. And many are gluten free. (Obviously, flavors like hydrox, grapenut raisin, and Irish coffee-and-cookies are not!) The best thing is, his staff is... Read more →