Gluten Free India

Like many other destinations where gluten free awareness is limited, India has been challenging for gluten free travelers. But now, one of our favorite travel agents, Ellen Morse of Gluten Free Travel-Us, has worked with a very reputable company in India, to develop an itinerary for travel to northern India. It includes all the must-see attractions of this diverse country, and best of all, the hotels where you'll stay and dine have been carefully vetted. Ellen was diagnosed with Celiac as a toddler and has been gluten free for many decades…long before "gluten free" was a household term. And she has also spent decades working as a travel agent. As awareness of Celiac Disease and gluten free diets has spread across the globe, she has been thrilled to merge her two areas of expertise and work with high quality travel partners to offer gluten free itineraries to fellow Celiacs. In India, Ellen works with a company called Travel Scope India to design the itineraries and vet the hotels. Ellen does not advocate dining at typical restaurants while traveling in India. That is why she and Travel Scope India have spent considerable time vetting the chefs at luxury hotels where her... Read more →