Gluten Free Snacks

The package says "Super Food Bites," and these cookies can indeed be classified as healthy in my book. Available in six flavors (Dark Cocoa, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Lemon Ginger, and Raspberry), Emmy's Organics new coconut-based, macaroon-type "cookies" are not only gluten free but organic, vegan, and non-GMO. The company's focus is on clean ingredients. Best of all, they taste amazing. Surprisingly, I think my favorite is the Raspberry. It reminds me of those Hostess "Zingers" (raspberry and coconut coated snack cakes) that I occasionally ate as a kid decades ago. Literally, with my first bite into one of Emmy's Organics raspberry cookies, I was taken back to the 70s...but this little cookie manages to deliver all the taste, without all the chemicals! The Lemon Ginger cookies were a close second for me. All you'll find in Emmy's Organics cookies are pure, natural, and organic ingredients...things like coconut, agave nectar, almond flour, extra-virgin coconut oil, and other natural ingredients for flavor (lemon juice powder, ground ginger, fair trade cocoa, and vanilla extract), Where can you get these little yummies? They're available online and at thousands of retail locations nationwide, including Starbucks. (I found the Cocoa and Vanilla ones... Read more →

Have you ever heard of Sweet Note gluten free bagels? I hadn't...until recently. Fortunately, their distribution has expanded to include CVS, Whole Foods, Shop Rite, Dean & Deluca, MOM's Organic Market, Door to Door Organics, and Weis (but not all locations of these stores -- enter your zip on this page of their website to find the closest location to you). Their "claim to fame," so to speak, is that they have created the first authentic, New York-syle bagel that is gluten free (AND free of the top 8 common food allergens). I thought about that statement, and YES, they are right. They are authentic, in terms of look, texture, and taste. You'd never believe they were gluten free, much less free of other allergens, too. While our family buys other gluten free bagels, we have yet to find one that comes close to a traditional bagel. Some are like eating a big round-shaped piece of tasteless bread, others are tasty but not really what you remember bagels tasting like, and still others use a lot of bean flour, which I don't care for (weird aftertaste). These bagels are smaller, denser, crusty on the outside, and chewy on the inside... Read more →

This week, we are sharing a post from the mom of two kids (and wife of hubby) with Celiac and gluten sensitivity. You'll get a chuckle out of her all-too-familiar trials and tribulations as she and her family fly across the world on a somewhat regular basis. She has some great tips that you may not have thought about...and others that are definitely great reminders as we all begin the summer travel season. An expat living in Singapore now, you can find Karen Horan's contributions to the Celiac community in southeast Asia on the websites listed at the bottom of this post. Enjoy...and send us your own stories of gluten free travel! My official title is “Global Domestic Engineer, specialty ‘Human Development’. I have two full time clients who are currently 10 and 13 years old. By my calculations I have roughly 10 years left of full time work, then I can become a consultant on an ad hoc basis. My teenage client was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when she was just 3 years old and her younger brother and father are both gluten intolerant. After many years in my job, I was feeling pretty good at handling a medically... Read more →

Wow...I didn't realize it had been a month since I penned my last Blog post. November flew by, and with the Holidays already in full swing, I know things won't slow down anytime soon! Picking up on those particular themes of the Holidays -- and being starved for time -- I wanted to share a few easy seasonal favorites, both new and old. These are tried-and-true things you can serve up without spending hours in the kitchen. Over Thanksgiving, I used two gluten free products I'd tried before....Wegmans own gluten free Honey Cornbread Mix and Aleia's Savory Stuffing Mix. I love these two products -- for both their ease of preparation and for their delicious taste. This time, I cooked the cornbread a bit too long (set the timer, wanted to cook it for just an additional 30 seconds, and then forgot about it in the oven for several more minutes!). Fortunately, it was still decent, just a bit dry and crumbly. But providing you set your timer properly and follow the package directions, it turns out great (as it has for me in the past)...nice and moist. You'd never know it was gluten free. If you're looking for a... Read more →

One of the most frustrating things about our son's Celiac diagnosis over 10 years ago was the trial-and-error "tasting" period that followed…(rest assured, all photos pictured below are some of our perennial favorite products, like this deliciously seasoned coating perfect for when you're craving chicken and onion rings!). Even though there weren't nearly as many gluten free products on store shelves as there are now, separating the good from the awful took some time (not to mention a lot of money wasted on products that crumbled and tasted like cardboard!). And it wasn't always intuitive…sometimes it was the companies whose names we didn't recognize (usually dedicated GF companies) whose products were the best. Over the past 10 years, I think it's safe to say we've tried most of the widely distributed (and many less widely distributed) products on the shelves. Thank goodness, overall quality of gluten free products has improved! It's been an adventure…and we've learned a lot. That's why I posted our family's favorite gluten free products listing within the Resources section of GlutenFreeTravelSite. Whether you or a family member is new to the gluten free diet -- or if you're a long-time Celiac but just skeptical about trying... Read more →

My son is a huge fan of Chebe bread…the Brazilian cheese bread made with tapioca/cassava flour and that happens to be gluten-free (and a very popular menu item at the gluten-free camp my son attends each summer!). Recently, I had a chance to sample some similar products made by Bagelinos, a company based in New Jersey. Bagelinos has two products…a bagel and a bun. But they're not "ordinary" bagels and buns. Of course, they're gluten free. But they're different in another way, too…different from Chebe and other cheese breads. They're slightly sweet, which is why the "bagels" aren't actually called bagels, but "Breakfast Pastry Snacks." (However, for the purpose of this blog post, I'm going to refer to them as bagels!) I like to pop the bagels in the toaster or toaster oven, as I would any other type of gluten free bagel, but they can also be eaten right out of the bag. The bagels are good with some cream cheese, and I've used the buns for ham sandwiches (resulting in a nice balance of sweet and salty). They would also be good for pulled pork, turkey sandwiches, or even breakfast sandwiches with egg and sausage (using either the... Read more →

Although I don't write about gluten-free products on a regular basis (preferring to focus on subjects related to gluten free dining and travel), those of you who follow this Blog know my penchant for gluten-free snacks that travel well…especially gluten-free snack bars. Our family has many favorites, and we rely on them for in-between-meal snacks on road trips or on the plane. I'm also a stickler for quality. I try to avoid GMOs at all cost, opting for non-GMO or organic snack bars. That's one reason I love the new CLIF Organic Trial Mix Bars. They're available nationwide beginning this month, and they come in seven flavors (all gluten-free and all USDA organic). Ingredients include high quality fruits and nuts like almonds and whole wild blueberries -- as well as chunks of dark chocolate. Flavors available are: Coconut Almond Peanut (a favorite of mine), Cranberry Almond, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt (another favorite), Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Raspberry, and Wild Blueberry Almond. The suggested retail price is $1.69-$1.79, typical for a good-quality snack bar. In addition to these tasty new bars, CLIF has another unique line of gluten-free, organic products…CLIF Organic Energy Food.... Read more →

Well, folks…we've got less than two weeks to go until Easter. Time to be on the lookout for updated gluten free Easter candy lists so you know if you can eat what the Easter Bunny brings. I found that some of the websites that typically list gluten free Easter candy were updated, but some weren't yet…I'd suggest doing a quick Internet search to get the low-down. I do hope the Easter Bunny leaves some "Surf Sweets" candy in our family's Easter baskets. I first saw this line of sweet treats a year or two ago, but it's just recently that I developed an appreciation for them. That's because I learned that they're not just certified gluten-free…they are also organic, non-GMO (this is increasingly important to me), and allergy-friendly. They are produced and packaged in a facility that's free of the Top 10 allergens: wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, sesame and sulfites. Plus, they don't contain any artificial colors, artificial flavors, or corn syrup. Natural, organic, gluten free, and non-GMO? That's a home-run in my book! As if that weren't enough, they not only make gluten-free and allergic kids happy, they do go in the world, giving... Read more →

I like hummus and buy it every so often at the grocery store. Typically I'll buy either a plain hummus or one with fresh garlic added. But I've noticed many innovative varieties of hummus hitting store shelves lately. It's the perfect snack if you're following a gluten free diet (as all the varieties I've seen are gluten free) and a great item to incorporate into your diet if you're looking for more protein and fiber. Recently I was sent a package of four varieties of hummus from a company I wasn't familiar with: Eat Well Embrace Life. Created just three years ago -- in 2011 -- the company has "Americanized the hummus category" by creating hummus from "other beans" (i.e. white beans, edamame, black beans, and lentils). They make many varieties of this "Other Bean Hummus" -- as well as a line of "Better For You Hummus." The ones I tried were divine. From the "Other Bean" category, I enjoyed Tuscan White Bean Hummus with roasted pine nuts and herb topping, Spicy Yellow Lentil Hummus with sunflower seeds and apricot topping (this one definitely has a kick to it!), and Spicy Red Lentil Chipotle Hummus with poblano pepper and corn... Read more →

Every so often, a company sends me samples of a gluten free product to try. Recently, I was contacted by My Dad's Cookies, a company I wasn't familiar with and whose products I'd never seen. I agreed to try them, and WOW...was I glad I did! These are the closest thing to traditional Italian bakery cookies I've seen (and they're gluten free, of course). The box arrived, and inside were small boxes of many of their gluten free cookie varieties: Raspberry Linser, Chocolatta, Black and White, Chocolate Sandwich, Vanilla Graham, Chocolate Chip Biscotti, Lemon Drop, and Chocolate Chip. I was so excited to put them all on a big platter to show my son (actually, both my sons...I knew the non-GF son would be just as excited about sampling as my Celiac son!). Needless to say, they passed our taste tests with flying colors! My favorite were the Raspberry Linzer, and my sons liked the Lemon Drop and Chocolatta (which reminded us of a small, round version of Pepperidge Farm's Milano cookies). My Dad's Cookies was started by Elan Malina to give children with Celiac the same cookie treats they see their friends enjoying. Because these cookies look and taste... Read more →

If you're like our family, you're always looking for healthy, quick, gluten free snacks to grab when you're running from one activity to the next...something that holds up well in a purse or backpack -- or even in the car. Gluten free snack bars -- be they fruit and nut bars, protein bars, or traditional granola bars -- are a popular choice, and you probably remember me reviewing many brands here on this blog over the years. Our family likes most gluten free varieties we've tried, and fortunately, there seem to be new ones introduced all the time. One of the latest product introductions is the line from Annie's, also known for their delicious mac-n-cheese, both in gluten free and gluten varieties. (Another Annie's favoite of ours are their Cocoa and Vanilla bunny-shaped cookies. They have a great flavor and are perfect for the Easter season! They also come in Ginger Snap flavor, which we haven't yet tried.) But back to the Granola Bars... These are true "granola bars," as you remember them (the chewy, oat-based snack bars). There are two varieties -- Double Chocolate Chip, made with real mini chocolate chips, and Oatmeal Cookie, which has a cinnamon flavor... Read more →

Have you tried the gluten free assortment of LUNA Protein bars? Do you love them as much as our family does? We all have a different favorite flavor, but one thing we can agree on is that they make a delicious, healthy snack for between meals...and are perfect for travel. How would you like a chance to WIN a whole box of 12 LUNA Protein bars in your favorite flavor? Gluten Free Travel Blog and our sister website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, are hosting a contest in honor or Celiac Awareness Day, this Friday September 13, in which one lucky winner will receive a box of LUNA bars. How do you enter? Simply submit a gluten free dining or travel review to GlutenFreeTravelSite between now and 12:00 NOON (Eastern time) on Friday, September 13, and you will be entered into a drawing in which we will select ONE lucky winner at random from the pool of entries (review submissions). You can submit a review of a restaurant, market, hotel, resort, inn, cruise ship -- or even a college, camp, or church that offers GF communion. Each review submission will count as one entry into the contest. You may submit as many reviews of... Read more →