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We're always adding helpful content, updating resources, and improving the functionality of GlutenFreeTravelSite and our free companion mobile app, Dine Gluten Free. But for those of you who haven't visited for a while -- or may not be aware of all the ways these valuable resources can help you DINE & TRAVEL gluten free more easily, we thought it might be time for a reminder... First Stop (if you need it): An Overview Under the RESOURCES tab within the navigation bar on our website, there's a section of the site called About Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity that contains 12 "chapters" of information that are helpful to both new and veteran gluten free folks. And if you have friends or family members that need to understand your diet better, send them a link to this page for answers to the questions they may have (sometimes it's easier when it comes from an impartial source!). Also, if you have a friend that suspects gluten may be adversely affecting their health, by all means, pass along this information to them. It could provide the spark that leads them to get tested. We've tried to make the explanations about Celiac, gluten sensitivity, and a... Read more →

My favorite posts to write are those in which I get the opportunity to share news about my favorite companies, stores, or restaurants introducing new gluten free items. Today, I'm thrilled to be able to share the recent news about the new gluten free bakery items avaialable at all Wegmans locations. Yes, you can now enjoy Wegmans Gluten-Free Frosted Pan Brownies, Gluten-Free Cupcakes, Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Gluten-Free Snickerdoodle Cookies. I discovered this just yesterday, as I was perusing my Wegmans MENU magazine (free when you sign up for a Wegmans shopper loyalty card). There in the back of the magazine, on page 135 (almost missed it!), was a brief mention of their gluten free -- yes, gluten free -- desserts! What? When did this happen, and how did I miss it? I'd heard rumblings about this a long time ago, but each visit to Wegmans turned up nothing gluten-free among the amazing ready-to-eat bakery items (save for the supposedly Chocolate Dome in the bakery case, which is good, but still bears a risk of cross contamination, as it's displayed alongside everything else). Turns out, they just rolled out their gluten free cookies, cupcakes, and brownies in early December... Read more →

As many of your know, this Gluten Free Travel Blog is an offshoot of our popular website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, which was launched over five years ago. I created the website so people would have an easy way to search for "gluten free friendly" places to dine wherever they were planning to travel -- in the U.S. and in other countries. But rather than just providing a name and address of a restaurant (or market, hotel/inn/resort, or bakery), I felt it was essential to include REVIEWS from gluten free folks who'd been there. After all, you want to know as much as you can about a place before dining there, right? For example, do they have a gluten free menu, items marked as GF on the regular menu, or a chef who is able to tailor many items on the menu to make them gluten free? Do they have a dedicated fryer for french fries, chicken wings, or other fried items? (If they make claims that their fried items are gluten free without having a dedicated fryer, you know to be extremely cautious about dining there in the first place!) Are they careful about avoiding cross contamination in other ways? Do they... Read more →

Wow! Guess what appeared in our family's mailbox this past weekend (no, not email Inbox...actual black metal mailbox at curb)? A flyer advertising Wegmans new line of Gluten Free products -- with FREE COUPONS enclosed, no less! I haven't made it to the nearest Wegmans yet (seems there is now one about 25 minutes in every direction from us!), but from the looks of the flyer -- and their website -- private label "Wegmans" products include four gluten free pastas and four gluten free baking mixes (Sugar Cookie mix, Double Chocolate Brownie mix, Chocolate Cake mix, and Vanilla Cake mix). The FREE COUPONS they sent in the flyer were for a free pasta AND a free baking mix (any variety). It was also reassuring to read that, like many of their other private label products, there is a "G" icon (or, as they call it..."Wellness Key") right on the box, which means they have verified the ingredients do not contain gluten, and there is no risk of cross-contact with gluten. Whew! For gluten free recipes, new product info, and to sign up for their FREE Fresh News email for monthly gluten free updates, visit the gluten free area of Wegmans... Read more →

We just finished expanding and updating our Resources page on GlutenFreeTravelSite, and we think you'll like the result. It's a treasure trove of links to helpful sites and products that make living gluten-free -- and especially traveling and dining out -- easier and more enjoyable. You'll find links to all the major Celiac associations, both U.S.-based and international, including direct links to their pages with local chapter contact information. This is helpful to have when planning a trip, since a quick call to the local support group at your destination can often yield great advice. I'd especially recommend doing this when traveling internationally. Our Resources page also contains a complete guide to Cruising gluten-free, with contact information and the gluten-free policies of all major cruise lines included. Fortunately, most cruise ships now have at least basic gluten-free foods available, and some cruise lines go the extra mile to make their GF guests feel special with all sorts of wonderful GF treats. If a cruise vacation is something you're considering, you can also visit our Caribbean page of reviews, which contains user-submitted reviews of all the major cruise lines. Other helpful sections of our Resources page include information on handy travel... Read more →

As you all know, I don't typically review gluten-free products in this Blog...the focus is typically on gluten-free restaurant dining and travel. But recently I was sent some samples of gluten-free products from Goldbaum's, a company based in Brooklyn, NewYork. While I was very familiar with their gluten-free ice cream cones, I had never tried their gluten-free brown rice pasta. First...the ice cream cones... I have to say I've never tried any gluten-free brands other than Goldbaum's, nor can I even recall seeing any other gluten-free brands sold in stores. And that's just my opinion, nothing could come close anyways! Goldbaum's cones are really quite delicious and literally undetectable from "regular" gluten cones. Our family especially loves their Cocoa cones, which are like traditional "sugar" cones but are a slightly darker color and have the wonderful taste of chocolate! They are our new "favorite" cones. Goldbaum's sent us their regular sugar cones, in addition to their larger "Jumbo Cones," which look like their version of waffle cones. Both are equally tasty, and oh how great that gluten-free kids can now feel just like other kids, with ice cream dripping out of a giant waffle cone! Goldbaum's also makes two... Read more →

New Search and Mapping Features Added to GlutenFreeTravelSite

I'm excited to announce that our website, GlutenFreeTravelSite, has added enhanced search and mapping features. Previously, users had been able to select a geographic region (i.e. a U.S. state or European country) when searching gluten-free dining and travel reviews. However, as the site has grown, many locations now have so many reviews that scrolling through the search results to find places in a more targeted area became cumbersome. So we've now added the ability for users to narrow their search to the city/town or zip code level. And best of all, the list of results appears with all the Celiac-friendly restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and resorts marked on an adjacent MAP. Just click on any of the markers on the map to read the detailed user-submitted dining or travel review. Of course, you can still search "the old way," by going to Search Reviews and choosing your geographic region. Then you can either scroll through the summary list of establishments OR narrow your search further by clicking on the link at the top of the page. With over 800 places reviewed on our website, these new features should help you find the reviews most relevant to the most efficient... Read more →