Ready-to-Cook Meal Services

Many of you may recall my recommending a service called GF Meals by Your Dinner Secret. This is a company that prepares and ships "ready -to-cook" gluten-free (and in many cases, casein-free) meals directly to your door on dry ice. They offer a nice range of entrees, side dishes, and baked goods -- and even offer many value-priced packages that let you sample many of their selections. They're based in Southern California, and for those of you lucky enough to live there, they have special designated days when you can pick up orders. For the rest of us, they ship the food on dry ice to your home or place of work. Best of all, because of the economic situation that continues to put a strain on people's budgets, GF Meals is offering to limit their shipping charges to just $19.99 through the end of 2010. That means you can purchase as much of their easy-to-make food as you like, and you'll pay only $19.99 flat-rate ground shipping per order (within the lower 48 states). Our family has ordered food from GF Meals both to prepare at home -- and to have on vacations where we've had a condo with... Read more →

One Dish Cuisine Serves Gluten-Free (and even Casein-Free and Soy-Free) Market

At a recent DC Celiacs support group meeting, I had the opportunity to meet Maureen Burke, a lovely lady who has devoted her culinary talents to serving the gluten-free (and also casein-free and soy-free) communities. Maureen owns a specialty food company called One Dish Cuisine, which provides lunch and dinner menus for gluten-free and gluten-free/casein free guests at The Irish Channel Restaurant in Crofton, Maryland. Her mission is to "welcome these underserved populations back to the table by bringing great-tasting food, at reasonable prices, into the mainstream." You can also purchase One Dish Cuisine's "ready to cook" meals at the Healing and Wellness Center's Farmer's Market on Kent Island on Tuesdays from 5-7 pm and at the University of Maryland Farmer's Market on Tuesdays from 10:30-2:00. They will also be making their delicious meals available at My Butcher and More in Annapolis soon.... I had a chance to try many of One Dish Cuisine's specialties, which they were sampling for us at the DC Celiacs meeting. DIagnosed over 20 years ago with Celiac Disease, Maureen has adapted just about every one of her recipes to fit a gluten-free lifestyle, but her specialties available through One Dish Cuisine are meals and... Read more →

Back to School Promotion: Get unlimited ready-to-cook Gluten Free Meals shipped to you and pay only $19.99 flat shipping rate

If you've never tried the delicious gluten-free and ready-to-prepare meals from GF Meals by Your Dinner Secret, now is the perfect time. For the month of September, they are offering flat rate shipping for only $19.99, regardless of the size of your order. So it's a great time to stock up on your family's favorites for those nights during the school year you don't have the time to create an entire meal "from scratch." This is gluten-free "from scratch" cooking...just prepared by someone else! Most meals involve little more than popping the items in the oven. GF Meals offers a great variety of entrees, side dishes, and baked goods to choose from. The company ships your order on dry ice to your home or travel destination, unless you're lucky enough to live in Southern California, where they have a regular location for order pick-up. Check out their site today. Read more →

Great Gluten-Free Mixes From the Heartland!

I don't usually blog about gluten-free food, per se, unless the focus is on dining out or traveling gluten-free. But recently I was sent some great gluten-free mixes from a company based in Amarillo, Texas, called Mixes From the Heartland. So far my family and I have sampled the Chicken and Rice Soup, Cajun Pastalaya Soup Mix, gluten-free flour mix, strawberry dip, and "Impossible Coconut Pie" mix. We've thoroughly enjoyed them all and still have a few more to try: Texas Sausage and Bean soup, the Spinach and Chives dip mix, and the Green Chili Veggie Dip Mix. The mixes are so easy to make (you usually only need to add 1-3 ingredients to the prepared "dry mix"). For example, tonight I made the Cajun Pastalaya Soup mix which came packaged with gluten-free pasta and a large spice packet. You simply add chicken or sausage (I made it with a little of both), crushed tomatoes, and water. It took less than 30 minutes to make -- start to finish -- and was delicious...a hearty, satisfying, and healthy dish. The Chicken and Rice soup was equally as good (it just needed more water than what the recipe called for). But my... Read more →

Gluten-Free Meals...Ready to Cook

OK...we can all admit it...there are some nights when you just don't have the time or desire to tackle the perennial question of "What's For Dinner?" But picking up take-out or microwaving a frozen dinner isn't always an option when you're eating gluten-free (or should we say...the options are pretty limited). That's where a great service I've recently discovered -- comes in. GF Meals by Your Dinner Secret offers a large range of options of ready-to-cook meals and will ship anywhere within the U.S. After recently trying -- Your Dinner Secret's GF Meals -- I was pretty excited. They really are the next-best-thing to a homemade gluten-free meal, and I feel like our family finally has some of the convenience so many families eating "regular" food have at their disposal. Don't get me wrong...they aren't as easy as "pop it in the microwave," and you still need more than a few minutes to cook the food. But at least you've eliminated the planning, shopping, and prep work involved. I ordered their Deluxe Package, so our family could sample many of their entrees, as well as some side dishes and desserts. I also added on an order of chicken nuggets. My... Read more →