Thriving Gluten Free at College

This month, guest blogger Julie Bourne, a rising Junior at the University of Denver and Campus Celiac blogger, shares her advice on the important -- and sometimes overwhelming -- college search process. She advises prospective college students with Celiac or gluten sensitivity on the steps to go through as they begin to consider their top college choices. There is the saying that one must look for the right “fit” when choosing a college. However, selecting a college is not as simple as, say, finding shoes that fit. And for a prospective student with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity, this process can prove to be even more daunting. In spite of this, there are several straightforward actions that a gluten free prospective student can take to ensure that they will find the dream college that will give them the happy and healthy experience that they deserve. I would recommend that a gluten free prospective student to start their search without extensively considering their dietary needs. Gather a list of schools that fit your educational and social preferences so that you have a foundation for further research and decision-making. After narrowing your search down to a list of schools, start researching the... Read more →

Gluten Free Travel Blog is pleased to present Thriving Gluten Free In College, a periodic column about the trials and tribulations (but mostly the successes!) of a typical gluten free college student living on campus. Julie Bourne of The Campus Celiac blog will be sharing her experiences both at her college's "home" campus...and as she embarks on a semester studying abroad in Italy. Please pass this post along to any current -- or future -- gluten free college students you know, and encourage them to follow Julie both on our Blog (you can sign up for our feed on the top of the left column) and on her own Blog, The Campus Celiac. It was one week before I was to move halfway across the country to start my first year of college when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This sudden diagnosis seemed to add an extra weight on top of the already stressful circumstance of leaving for college. However, I entered this new chapter of my life with the confidence that this would pose as a learning experience in which I would come out stronger and healthier than I ever was before. I am a college student entering... Read more →